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So, is he married yet? A Brimful of Asha, live at the Citadel. A 12thnight review.

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca “You are here,” the engaging title character tells us with a smile at the start of A Brimful of Asha, “to help me sort out my son.”  The son smiles too, and rolls his eyes. In … Continue reading

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The experimental spirit lives on in Edmonton theatre, live and in unusual hybrids

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca Calling the pandemic an “obstacle” to live theatre, or maybe a “challenge,” is a bit like saying COVID is the flu. The pandemic has had a devastating effect on an art whose raison d’être is the … Continue reading

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One on one theatre: Here There Be Night takes you into an underground resistance network

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca Sometimes the creative ingenuity and resilience of theatre artists just about takes your breath away. In a dangerous time when big live theatre gatherings have been cancelled, thwarted, delayed, diverted, they will find a way. I … Continue reading

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A Brimful of Asha: a son, a mother, and a culture gap onstage at the Citadel. Meet co-creator and Canadian theatre star Ravi Jain.

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of an emerging theatre career must be in want of a wife. (A wife arranged by his mother). We now take you back a … Continue reading

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Curio Shoppe is home care, Catch The Keys style. Give yourself a fright.

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca Home care (Catch The Keys-style). “It’s time to haunt your own house,” says a silky voice, coming at us in the dark from the internet ether. As its name suggests, Curio Shoppe, the ingenious joint creation … Continue reading

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‘Welcome Home’: Teatro is back and live at the Varscona

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca After catapulting its entire 2020 June to October season a year into the future, Teatro La Quindicina returns to their natural home, the Varscona Theatre stage, for the next three Fridays. They’re back “with cautious aplomb … Continue reading

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Hands across the border: the Citadel and a Chicago international new play festival

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca Tonight at 6 p.m., Zoom brings us, live, an unusual collaboration, cross-border in both its production and subject matter. A Distinct Society, by the Canadian-born New York-based playwright/director Kareem Fahmy, who’s of Egyptian extraction, represents Canada … Continue reading

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A Brimful of Asha: the generation gap in living colour onstage at the Citadel

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca Nobody knows better than your mom what you should be doing that you aren’t doing, or what you shouldn’t be doing that you are doing, or what you’re putting off doing (like getting married before it’s … Continue reading

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Rapid Fire Theatre is back live, across the river

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca “Flexibility!” declares Matt Schuurman. “It’s all about being flexible, in a space that’s flexible….” He’s talking about improv, to be sure, a theatrically acrobatic subject on which he is an expert practitioner, mentor, producer. But the … Continue reading

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Curio Shoppe: taking the nightmare home … to your place

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca For 12 years, the creators of Dead Centre of Town have invited us on nocturnal excursions into our own haunted past — the graveyard where our darkest local secrets lie buried. Which is why we’ve found … Continue reading

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