Why stop now? A (newly expanded) theatre quiz for summer! More questions for you!

Ron Pederson and the cast of For The Love of Cynthia, at Teatro La Quindicina. Photo supplied.

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca

Repair to your deck, clutch a mojito or an iced latte, and muse on the theatre season:

  1. What was the very first play that the Free Will Players produced in Hawrelak Park 29 summers ago?

(a) As You Like It

(b) All’s Well That Ends Well

(c) A Midsummer Night’s Dream

(d) A Comedy of Errors

2. Which of the following has never been produced by the Freewill Shakespeare Festival?

(a) Henry IV Part One

(b) Henry V

(c) Troilus and Cressida

(d) Titus Andronicus

3. Which indie theatre brought a Jordan Tannahill play to Edmonton for the first time this season?

(a) The Maggie Tree

(b) Punctuate! Theatre

(c) Broken Toys Theatre

(d) Cardiac Theatre

4. How long has Edmonton celebrated the best in theatre here with Sterling Awards?

(a) 15 years

(b) 25 years

(c) 30 years

(d) 47 years

5. The character Black Stache, in Peter and the Starcatcher, produced this past season at the Citadel, is…

(a) a Marx brother

(b) a pirate

(c) a Stalinist

(d) a trapeze artist

6. Dottie, the heroine of Darrin Hagen’s Tornado Magnet, which was revived at Theatre Network this past season, has a particular attachment to…

(a) her pop-up toaster

(b) her window box of pansies

(c) her 1977 Chevy

(d) her Tupperware collection

7. What substance is at the heart of Catalyst’s Fortune Falls, which premiered this season?

(a) chocolate

(b) perfume

(c) water

(d) cocaine

8. Stupid Fucking Bird is a cheeky contemporary re-mix of which of the following plays?

(a) An Enemy of the People

(b) The Black Swan

(c) Mother Goose: The Musical

(d) The Seagull

9. Chris Craddock’s new feature movie It’s Not My Fault And I Don’t Care Anyway, released this year and starring Alan Thicke, is inspired by his own play called…

(a) Passing The Buck

(b) The Summer of My Amazing Luck

(c) Moving Along

(d) Public Speaking

10. Which new play premiered this past season and revealed an ugly chapter in Edmonton history?

(a) Witch Hunt at the Strand

(b) Sister Sister

(c) Annapurna

(d) Irma Voth

11. Which theatre production this past season assembled creators from six indie companies across the country?

(a) Terror

(b) Fear and Loathing

(c) Anxiety

(d) The Trojan Women

12. Raoul Bhaneja, creator and star of Life, Death And The Blues returned to the Citadel this past season in which of the following? 

(a) Peter and the Starcatcher

(b) Disgraced

(c) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

(d) Crazy For You

13. What master farceur worked 18 vintage Gershwin songs into the musical Crazy For You?

(a) Ray Cooney

(b) Georges Feydeau

(c) Ken Ludwig

(d) Michael Frayn

14. Jesus Christ Superstar, which had a compelling production at the Mayfield this season, started out as a…

(a) concept album

(b) workshop production

(c) poetry collection by T.S. Eliot

(d) novel by Colm Tóibin

15. Cannibalism figured prominently in which of the following productions of last season?

(a) Love’s Labour’s Lost

(b) Star Killing Machine

(c) Bust

(d) The Fall of the House of Atreus

16. Which of the following productions seen last season in Edmonton was not a musical?

(a) Bust

(b) Star Killing Machine

(c) Bonnie and Clyde

(d) Bone Wars

17. The feuding couple in Bone Wars were…

(a) orthopedic surgeons

(b) paleontologists

(c) musical theatre writers

(d) Weimar cabaret puppets

18. In Irma Voth, two oppressed sisters flee the family home and escape to…

(a) Deadrock, Nevada

(b) New York City

(c) Duluth, Minnesota

(d) Mexico City

19. Which of the following musical legends does not appear in Million Dollar Quartet, directed by Ted Dykstra at the Citadel this season?

(a) Elvis Presley

(b) Carl Perkins

(c) Buddy Holly

(d) Jerry Lee Lewis

20. Which of the following productions featured cross-gender casting in the starring role?

(a) Henry V

(b) Stupid Fucking Bird

(c) Irma Voth

(d) Sister Sister

21. Which of the following theatre companies turns 35 this year?

(a) Teatro La Quindicina

(b) Blarney Productions

(c) Die-Nasty

(d) Toy Guns Dance Theatre

22. In which of the following Stewart Lemoine comedies does a common vegetable have unusual prominence?

(a) What Gives?

(b) Cocktails at Pam’s

(c) Witness to a Conga

(d) Caribbean Muskrat

23. Match the designer to the production:

The designers: Chantel Fortin, Alison Yanota, Megan Koshka, Cory Sincennes

The shows: Bust, Witness to a Conga, 9 Parts of Desire, Fortune Falls

24. The characters in 9 Parts of Desire, produced by The Maggie Tree this past season, reflect on…

(a) war

(b) teenage sexuality

(c) the growing opioid crisis

(d) climate change

25. Which of the following does not contain a play within a play?

(a) For The Love of Cynthia

(b) Irma Voth

(c) Stupid Fucking Bird

(d) Art

26. Which of the following has a concert pianist character?

(a) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

(b) Witness to a Conga

(c) Bust

(d) Sense and Sensibility

27. The Preacher, The Princess, And A Crow, which premiered in an Azimuth production, takes place in…

(a) a bird sanctuary

(b) a church

(c) an apartment

(d) a university comparative literature department

28. Which of the following plays contains a character named Joyous?

(a) The Believers

(b) What Gives?

(c)  Star Killing Machine

(d) Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes

29. Fire played a crucial role in which of the following?

(a) Cocktails at Pam’s

(b) The Preacher, The Princess, And A Crow

(c) Bonnie & Clyde

(d) Bust

30. At which of the season’s productions did you have the most fun?

Just kidding. There’s no wrong answer, my friends.

No peeking in advance! The answers: 1 (d), 2 (a,c), 3 (d), 4 (c), 5 (b), 6 (d), 7 (a), 8 (d), 9 (d), 10 (a), 11 (c), 12 (b), 13 (c), 14 (a), 15 (d), 16 (a), 17 (b),  18 (d), 19 (c), 20 (a), 21 (a), 22 (b), 23 Chantel Fortin and Witness to a Conga, Alison Yanota and 9 Parts of Desire, Megan Koshka and Fortune Falls, Cory Sincennes and Bust, 24 (a), 25 (d), 26 (b), 27 (c), 28 (a), 29 (d), 30 (a, b, c, d) All 30 correct? Congrats, you never stay home! 15 correct? Congrats, you are no couch potato! Less than 5 correct? You really need to get out more. This is a live theatre town. And you are missing out!

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