Surprise! A holiday theatre quiz

Burning Bluebeard, Edmonton Actors Theatre. Photo by Nanc Price.

By Liz Nicholls,

Curl up, wear thermal socks, check out our review of 2017 theatre highlights, and try our detoxifying winter theatre quiz. 

  1. What sport is studied, in detailed and scholarly fashion, in the Stewart Lemoine comedy Shocker’s Delight, the grand finale of the 2017 Teatro La Quindicina season?

(a) badminton

(b) polo

(c) fox hunting

(d) golf

2. In what show this year did the god Hermes appear?

(a) The Fall of the House of Atreus

(b) Hadestown

(c) As You Like It

(d) Henry V

3. What was the official nickname of the 2017 Fringe?

(a) Planet of the Lost Fringe

(b) Voyage To The Bottom of the Fringe

(c) A Midsummer Night’s Fringe

(d) See Spot Fringe

4. What year did the Edmonton Fringe start (and thereby change the face of North American alternative theatre)

(a) 1982

(b) 1963

(c) 2000

(d) 1995

5. How many show tickets did the Edmonton Fringe sell during its 2017 edition?

(a) nearly 101,000

(b) nearly 130,000

(c) nearly 1 million

(d) nearly 69,000

6. In Yasmina Reza’s Art, produced by Shadow Theatre this year, three guys sit around discussing … ?

(a) a very large nude painting

(b) a painting with a controversial political subtext

(c) an all-white painting

(d) a sculpture of a man who falls madly in love with a goat

(e) a painting that may or may not be a forgery

7. Which of the following is not an Edmonton festival?

(a) Play The Fool

(b) Serca

(c) Chanticleer Under The Stars

(d) Kaleido

(e) Deep Freeze

8. Terminus — produced by Wild Side Productions this year — is set where?

(a) the east end of London

(b) the mind of the protagonist

(c) a fantasy transportation hub

(d) Western Canada in the 19th century

(e) throughout Dublin

9. In Sharr White’s Annapurna (produced this year at Shadow Theatre), a woman arrives on her ex’s doorstep with …?

(a) an eviction notice

(b) a bag of hash

(c) a lottery win of some $10 million

(d) a pocket full of condoms

(e) multiple suitcases

10. In which of the following productions were we led through a ghostly carnival midway?

(a) Dead Centre of Town X

(b) Hadestown

(c) Ubuntu

(d) The Merry Wives of Windsor

(e) Over Her Dead Body

11. Which of the following are Edmonton indie theatre companies?

(a) Impossible Mongoose

(b) The Tree of Life

(c) Small Matters 

(d) What It Is Productions

(e) Bright Young Things

12. Hadestown was a collaboration between the Citadel Theatre and …?

(a) Octopus Theatricals

(b) Second Stage Theater

(c) Prairie Theatre Exchange

(d) Lincoln Center Theatre

(e) Atlantic Theater Company

13. Jesse Lipscombe, the well-known Edmonton activist who co-founded #MakeItAwkward, made his long-overdue Edmonton theatrical debut in a starring role this year. What character did he play in Workshop West’s John Ware Reimagined?

(a) an astronaut

(b) a physicist

(c) a beekeeper

(d) a cowboy

(e) a stand-up comedian

14. In which Shakespeare play mentioned in the romantic comedy Shakespeare In Love (the 2017-2018 season-opener at the Citadel) does a dog figure prominently?

(a) Romeo and Juliet

(b) Twelfth Night

(c) All’s Well That Ends Well

(d) Much Ado About Nothing

(e) Two Gentlemen of Verona

15. The Salon of the Talking Turk, the 2005 Stewart Lemoine comedy revived at Teatro La Quindicina in 2017, was inspired by which of the following writers?

(a) Molière

(b) George F. Kaufman 

(c) E.T.A. Hoffman

(d) Jules Verne

(e) Goethe

16. In which production, seen on an Edmonton stage in 2017, do the following lines occur? 

(a) “And we build the wall to keep us free….”

(b) “Will I ever again be as happy as I was on the happiest day of my life so far?”

(c) “O for a muse of fire…”

(d) “the jaws that bite the claws that catch…”

(e) “Can a play show us the very truth and nature of love?”

(f) “I didn’t know grown-up people could do that….”

(g) “Are you satisfied with what you know?”

(h) “There’s no telling what you’re gonna do when the chips are down….”

(i) “The villainy you teach me I will execute….”

17. Match the designer and the show:

Designers: Chantel Fortin, Rachel Hauck, Cory Sincennes, T. Erin Gruber, Megan Koshka, Tessa Stamp, Kerem Çetinel

Productions:  Fortune Falls, Irma Voth, Constellations, Our Man In Havana, Hadestown, Crazy For You, The Believers

18. MacEwan University’s new Triffo theatre opened this past November with a production of …

(a) Sister Act

(b) Jesus Christ, Superstar

(c) Nunsense II

(d) Heathers The Musical

(e) I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

19. Which of the following theatre companies are not part of the new Varscona Theatre Ensemble?

(a) The Plain Janes

(b) Atlas Theatre

(c) Bright Young Things

(d) Shadow Theatre

(e) Tiny Bear Jaws

20. The principal characters in Jabberwocky, the new show from the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, are…

(a) small fish with big mouths

(b) hard-boiled eggs

(c) monsters

(d) rabbits

(e) playing cards

21. Match the director to the show:

Directors: Dave Horak, Kevin McKendrick, Ashley Wright, Kate Ryan, Murray Utas, Ron Pederson

Shows: Our Man In Havana; Shocker’s Delight; Stupid Fucking Bird; The Preacher, The Princess, And A Crow; The Merry Wives of Windsor; John Ware Reimagined

22. Which of the following productions contains characters who are “showbiz people”?

(a) Stupid Fucking Bird

(b) Sister Act

(c) Crazy For You

(d) Constellations

(e) Shakespeare In Love

23. Where is this year’s Die-Nasty live improvised soap opera set?

(a) the suburbs of Cold War Moscow

(b) ancient Sparta

(c) Shakespearean London

(d) ’80s Calgary

(e) a prairie farm during the Depression

24. Name the playwright:

(a) Going, Going, Gone

(b) Constellations

(c) Everyone We Know Will Be There

(d) The Aliens

(e) Shatter is a year old today. Happy new year! Here’s to great theatre experiences in 2018!

The answers (no peeking first):

1 (d); 2 (b); 3 (c); 4 (a); 5 (b); 6 (c); 7 (c); 8 (e); 9 (e); 10 (a); 11 (a,c,d,e); 12 (a); 13 (d); 14 (e); 15 (c); 16 (a) Hadestown, (b) The Salon of the Talking Turk, (c) Henry V, (d) Jabberwocky; (e) Shakespeare In Love; (f) Irma Voth; (g) The Exquisite Hour, (h) Hadestown, (i) The Merchant of Venice, 17 Chantel Fortin and Our Man In Havana, Rachel Hauck and Hadestown, Cory Sincennes and Crazy For You, T. Erin Gruber and The Believers, Megan Koshka and Irma Voth, Tessa Stamp and Constellations, Kerem Çetinel and Fortune Falls; 18 (a); 19 (d, e); 20 (d); 21 Dave Horak and Stupid Fucking Bird; Kevin McKendrick and John Ware Reimagined; Ashley Wright and The Merry Wives of Windsor; Kate Ryan and Our Man In Havana; Murray Utas and The Preacher, The Princess, And A Crow; Ron Pederson and Shocker’s Delight. 22 (a, b, c, e); 23 (d); 24 (a) Jana O’Connor (b) Nick Payne (c) Elena Belyea (d) Annie Baker (e) Trina Davies.

24 right? Bravo! You go out, you stay up late, you love the liveness of theatre!

Less than six right? Your clicker should be surgically removed from your hand. You’re missing out on Edmonton’s leading attraction!


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