Experiment with this one: For Science! A guest Fringe review by Alan Kellogg

Christine Lesiak in For Science!. Photo supplied.

For Science! (Stage 3, Walterdale Theatre)

There’s pretty big fun in this big science show via playwright Christine Lesiak.

As we walk in, with dance-mix classics on the box (there is a link near the joy-induced finale of the show), the lab-coated Professor (Lesiak) and her Lab Assistant (Anna Pratch) are perusing the audience, carefully taking notes.

In due time, audience members rush to the stage to assist the two with their research. Basically, we’re talking about updated (not so-) Stupid Human Pet Tricks vignettes as eager (!) patrons perform their assigned duties.

You’ve got your demonstration of the Destructive Explosive Reflex, as a small volunteer set on a red disk blows up a yellow balloon with a bicycle pump. Or say, the Tactile Dilemma Disposition, as another patron does a number on a sheet of bubblewrap. And many, many others.

Perhaps a few too many, before multiple folks rush down to perform music on found objects via backscreen visual prompts – much like the (serious) Robert Minden Ensemble or many casts of Stomp! (sans prompts) used to do. It’s a hoot to watch it happen.

It seemed as if the large opening night crowd might have been packed with friends, given the zeal, intensity and skill (and non-stop laffs) of many of the lab participants. That said, Lesiak – who is not only a winning clown but an actual physicist – has enlivened the scientific method considerably. My research indicates you’ll like it.

Alan Kellogg


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