The fun of deduction in the theatre: 2 Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, a guest 12thnight Fringe review by Alan Kellogg

2 Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (Stage 14, Holy Trinity Anglican Church)

2 Sherlock Homes Mysteries. Program graphic.

Don’t want to be a grouch, but among other things, the Fringe is supposed to be a theatre festival, remember?

And sometimes it’s more than satisfying to simply witness a couple of seasoned pros stand on an all-but-bare stage with only two chairs and well… act, having chosen wonderful stories to tell.

That’s what’s on tap here as John D. Huston and Kenneth Brown have adapted for the stage Arthur Conan Doyle’s personal top two (look it up) favourite Sherlock stories – The Adventures of the Speckled Bird and The Redheaded League.

It’s a kick to watch the two do it with such skill and good humour, “shamelessly” switching roles, adding their own human soundscape, tossing off a variety of UK accents from plummy to Eastend to Welsh with complete aplomb and throwing in a few jokes for good measure. Of course the stories are fabulous, and among the liveliest of the canon. The packed house and your correspondent loved it, which won’t require much of a deduction.

BTW, if you haven’t noticed, handsome Holy Trinity Church has a sweet little drinks tent (after 6 p.m.) with a food truck in its charming garden. It’s a calm place to chill from one too many jugglers and beer tent critics.

Alan Kellogg

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