The return of the 12thnight holiday quiz

Canada 151, Mayfield Dinner Theatre. Photo by Ed Ellis.

By Liz Nicholls,

Curl up, hoist a glass to the intrepid energy and invention of our theatre artists, check out our review of 2019 theatre highlights here— and try our holiday theatre quiz.

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  1. In which show, produced this year in E-Town, do the characters meet at the outset in a train station?

(a) The Color Purple

(b) A Likely Story

(c) Elise contre l’extinction

(d) Lake of the Strangers

2. Which of the follow productions asked its audience “are you a bit racist? a bit sexist? a bit violent? none of the above?”.

(a) The Cardiac Shadow

(b) Boy Trouble

(c) Fight Night

(d) Sleuth

3. In which production on an Edmonton stage this year does a father say, sternly, “I told you. Do NOT play in the caskets….”

(a) Fun Home

(b) KaldrSaga

(c) Matilda The Musical

(d) A Momentary Lapse

(e) The Skin of Our Teeth

4. Which of the following productions does not include a writer among its characters?

(a) Nassim

(b) Mesa

(c) We Are Not Alone

(d) Two Gentlemen of Verona

5. Which of the following is not a musical?

(a) The Ballad of Peachtree Rose

(b) Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs

(c) Poly Queer Love Ballad

(d) Songs My Mother Never Sung Me

6. Which of the following productions does not involve air travel?

(a) Come From Away

(b) Sweat

(c) A Momentary Lapse

(d) Slight of Mind

7. The characters in Small Mouth Sounds, staged this year by Wild Side Productions, are …

(a) speech therapists

(b) choir members

(c) dental hygienists

(d) strangers

8. The characters in Six, which played the Citadel mainstage this year, are …

(a) wives with a high-end husband

(b) versions of the same character at different ages

(c) singing nuns

(d) bikers in a gang with links to organized crime

9. Name the production, seen on an E-Town stage in 2019, in which the following figure prominently:

(a) an expensive seasonal vegetable

(b) handcuffs

(c) a sketchpad

(d) pie

(e) an accordion

(f) Homer Simpson

(g) a mastadon

(h) letters from one sister to another

10. Which of the following productions contains the song La Vie Boheme?

(a) Rent

(b) Lend Me A Tenor

(c) The Color Purple

(d) The Skin of Our Teeth

(e) The Tempest

11. What was the official nickname of the 2019 Fringe?

(a) Born To Fringe

(b) Planet of the Lost Fringers

(c) Where The Wild Things Fringe

(d) Go Fringe Or Go Home

(e) Much Ado About The Fringe

12. Approximately how many show tickets did the 2019 Edmonton Fringe sell?

(a) 94,000

(b) 147,000

(c) 83,500

(d) 114,200

13. Name the production, seen in E-town in 2019, in which the following characters appear…

(a) Amelia Earhart

(b) a dog named Crab

(c) Houdini

(d) ted northe

(e) Bob and Doug McKenzie

(f) Church Ladies

(g) Anne of Cleves

(h) a descendant of a prolific serial killer

(i) an opera house manager

(j) June Carter

(k) the star of an action flick series

(l) a child with killer instincts

14. In which production, seen this year, does a character counsel 15 minutes of “smiling practice,” working up to half an hour?

(a) A Likely Story

(b) Million Dollar Quartet

(c) Miss Teen

(d) The Party

15. Simone et le whole shebang, seen this year at L’UniThéatre, is set where?

(a) Quebec City

(b) Excelsior, New Jersey

(c) St. Boniface

(d) Fort McMurray

16. Which play, produced in Edmonton this year, was based on an actual historic event in Alberta history?

(a) The Cardiac Shadow

(b) E Day

(c) Fight Night

(d) The Skin of Our Teeth

17. In which production of 2019 did unmarked cardboard storage containers, shelves and shelves of them, figure prominently in the striking design?

(a) Songs My Mother Never Sung Me

(b) The Particulars

(c) Simone et le whole shebang

(d) The Ballad of Peachtree Rose

18. Which of the following productions of 2019 was directed by Dave Horak?

(a) E Day

(b) The Skin of Our Teeth

(c) The Winter’s Tale

(d) Lend Me A Tenor

(e) Fun Home

19. Which of the following productions this year was set in a farmhouse?

(a) Bed and Breakfast

(b) Dead Centre of Town XII

(c) The Roommate

(d) Fun Home

20. Name the playwright:

(a) Bed and Breakfast

(b) The Skin of Our Teeth

(c) Deep Fried Curried Perogies

(d) A Momentary Lapse

(e) Miss Teen

(f) Lend Me A Tenor

(g) Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

(h) The Ballad of Peachtree Rose

(i) The Party

(j) The Empress and the Prime Minister

(k) E Day

(l) KaldrSaga

21. In which production, seen on an E-town stage in 2019, did the following lines occur?

(a) “Raise the stakes! Raise the game! Raise your voice.”

(b) “I think I thought you knew…”

(c) “Nobody’s gonna change my story but me.”

(d) “My life stands in the level of your dreams”

(e) “I am a wild turkey!”

(f) “I’m beautiful. And I’m here….”

(g) “Confidence means you could kill someone, but you choose not to.”

(h) “I’m changing my major to Joan.”

(i) “Read whatever appears on the screen in a loud voice.”

(j) “Just once I would like to feel what it’s like to win.”

(k) “This is the story of how my mom helped me find my voice.”

22. Match the director and the show:

Directors: Josette Bushell-Mingo, Benjamin Blyth, Heather Inglis, Kimberley Rampersad, Ron Jenkins, Patricia Darbasie, Andrew Ritchie, Valerie Planche, Daryl Cloran, Jim Guedo, Trevor Schmidt

Shows: Sweat, Matilda The Musical, The Tempest, Macbeth, Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs, Sister Act,  Mr. Burns, a post-electric play, Lake of the Strangers, The Color Purple, Mesa, Slight of Mind

23. The setting this season of Die-Nasty, E-town’s award-winning live weekly improvised soap opera, is …

(a) the Elizabethan court

(b) the French Riviera in the 1920s

(c)  the golden age of vaudeville

(d) a televised late-night talk show

24. Which of the following productions of 2019 had a “splash zone” in the first two rows of the house seats?

(a) Lake of the Strangers

(b) The Roommate

(c) Burlesque Babylon

(d) Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

It’s the third anniversary of! Happy New Year, theatre-loving friends. Here’s to more excitement on Edmonton stages in 2020.

ANSWERS (no peeking in advance).

1 (b); 2 (c); 3 (a); 4 (d); 5 (a) 6 (b); 7 (d); 8 (a); 9 (a) Vidalia; (b) Minerva – Queen of the Handcuffs; (c) Fun Home; (d) Waitress; (e) Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs; (f) Mr. Burns, a post-electric play; (g) The Skin of Our Teeth; (h) The Color Purple; 10 (a); 11 (c); 12 (b); 13 (a) Slight of Mind; (b) The Two Gentlemen of Verona; (c) Minerva – Queen of the Handcuffs; (d) The Empress and the Prime Minister; (e) Canada 151; (f) The Color Purple; (g) Six; (h) Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs; (i) Lend Me A Tenor; (j) Ring of Fire; (k) The Candidate; (l) The Bad Seed. 14 (c); 15 (d); 16 (b); 17 (d); 18 all of the above; 19 (b); 20 (a) Mark Crawford; (b) Thornton Wilder; (c) Michelle Todd; (d) Stewart Lemoine and Jocelyn Ahlf; (e) Michele Riml; (f) Ken Ludwig; (g) Anne Washburn; (h) Nicole Moeller; (i) Kat Sandler; (j) Darrin Hagen; (k) Jason Chinn; (l) Harley Morison. 21 (a) Sister Act; (b) Betrayal; (c) Matilda The Musical; (d) The Winter’s Tale; (e) Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike; (f) The Color Purple; (g) The Ballad of Peachtree Rose; (h) Fun Home; (i) Nassim; (j) E Day; (k) Songs My Mother Never Sung Me. 21 (a) Josette Bushell-Mingo and The Tempest; (b) Benjamin Blyth and Macbeth; (c) Heather Inglis and Slight of Mind; (d) Kimberley Rampersad and The Color Purple;  (e) Ron Jenkins and Lake of the Strangers; (f) Patricia Darbasie and Mesa; (g) Andrew Ritchie and Mr. Burns, a post-electric play; (h) Valerie Planche and Sweat; (i) Daryl Cloran and Matilda The Musical; (j) Dave Horak and The Winter’s Tale; (k) Jim Guedo and Sister Act; (l) Trevor Schmidt and Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs. 23 (c); 24 (a).

20 or more right? You’re out all the time, and enjoying Edmonton’s most impressive, creative and exciting asset – live! Less than six right? You are missing out, living in 20d.









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