A New Year’s wish from 12thnight.ca

Happy New Year, theatre friends! 

Suddenly it’s 2020 (a number normally reserved for excellent vision), and the third anniversary of 12thnight.ca. I hope you’ve been enjoying the coverage of theatre, Edmonton’s most exciting and influential arts specialty, on my site, and finding it of value. And at the start of a new decade and a new year, I’m hoping, too, that you’re up for chipping in a monthly amount (you choose the amount) to my Patreon campaign to help that coverage continue. Here’s the link: www.patreon.com/12thnight. Spread the word! 

There is no charge to subscribe to 12thnight.ca and so far all the content is free. So, your patronage, dear reader, is a crucial matter.   To those who have already signed on as patrons, my deep gratitude for your support. It makes 12thnight.ca possible. And I’ll continue to provide as much coverage as I can — news, feature articles, reviews! My mission is to be your guide to what’s happening on stages in this theatre town. 

It’s an age of shrinking arts coverage in the mainstream media, so it’s worthwhile to forge a new way. Please join me in this venture as a patron if you can. Here’s to an exhilarating Part Two of the theatre season!

 Warmest wishes, Liz

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