Summer, live theatre, and a message for you, theatre friends, from 12thnight

Hello theatre friends, and salutations of the summer season from!

Live theatre with live audiences. In person! Now there’s a concept that could catch on.

Exciting to see live theatre is en route back, re-emerging in a variety of ways, on a variety of scales, from the strangest, most trying 18 months ever for the art form we love, and its artists. If there’s an upside to the devastation of the pandemic year, it’s that the  astonishing resourcefulness and ingenuity of theatre artists — in stepping up to re-imagine the art and re-educate themselves — have been demonstrated so vividly. I learned the word “experimentalist” this year, and it has wide applications to the people I’ve talked to for

Thank you, patrons, for sticking with me through this terrible, and also inspiring, year and a half. And you should know that your support of my Patreon campaign has been absolutely crucial in this hard year: the theatre coverage on the site wouldn’t have been possible without your monthly pledges. And I’m so grateful.

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I hope you’ve been enjoying the content (there is no charge to subscribe, and so far all content is free). There’s more, much more, to come as live theatre returns this summer. And it will be fascinating to see what experiments will be retained, and what will change, as the performing arts industry moves into the future in a new season.

If you haven’t been a patron before, I really hope, dear reader, that you’ll be able to join my venture outside the mainstream media — entirely funded by the readers — and help support continued coverage of the art form that is Edmonton’s special strength. And if you haven’t been able to contribute this past year, I’m hoping you’ll be able to reconsider as live theatre starts to go live.

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Many thanks, and see you at, or in, the theatre soon,


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