The first line of your play is here: a public service from 12thnight

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight

The week in overheard lines (from walking alone), a selection of possible first lines for your play-in-progress.

The Fringe is coming. So feel free to use any of the following (since “Who’s there?” and “When shall we three meet again…?” are already taken):

•“Talking to him is like talking to someone who’s dead.” (possible thriller?)

•“In the end I did apply. And I haven’t heard a thing. NOT A THING. (pause) Typical.”

•“One hour 15 on hold….”

•“Fucking sourdough.”

•“My mother is on my case, just one thing after another….”

•“Don’t mind him…. He’s just being friendly.” (giant growling dog, rushing over, no leash).

•“I just think it’s going nowhere; I mean, I even hate his music.”

•“Start with going for coffee, then see….”

•“I mean, what the fuck.” (all-purpose)

•”She’s like ‘snap out of it’.”

•”Works better with gin than vodka….”

•”Even with the stairs, it’s still only, like, 8,000….”  (limited audience appeal)

•“I don’t know where I got it….” (no one wants to see this play)

•“Whatever….” (homage to Pinter or Beckett?)

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