Live theatre’s back, hurray, and 12thnight has an urgent request

Hello theatre friends! 

It’s been almost exactly two years since the moment, unimaginable in advance, that the curtain came crashing abruptly down on live theatre — sometimes in the middle of a run, sometimes mid-rehearsal —  and time stopped. After those two l-o-n-g years of devastation and challenges for the performing arts, when Edmonton’s valiant artists rose to the occasion in a variety of inspiring, ingenious ways, live theatre is really coming back to us — as we knew it would. And we find ourselves in the room where it happens, together again. 

Through it all, dear readers of, you’ve stuck with me, as I’ve tried to remind theatre-lovers that the Great Pause was just that, not the end of the play. Finally it’s 2022, and, hungry for the live in-person experience of theatre, Edmonton’s most exciting arts industry, we’re full of hope.

It’s the moment after a hard winter to thank you for your support and encouragement in continuing to cover theatre here, in this wonderful theatre town. I hope you’ve enjoyed the content which, so far, has been free. And I’m hoping, as well, that as theatre begins to make a full comeback, you’re up for chipping in a monthly amount to my Patreon campaign to enable 12thnight theatre coverage to continue. That’s what makes it possible. Here’s the link: Please spread the word (theatre people, I know you have great projection!). 

To those of you have already signed on as 12thnight patrons, my deep gratitude for your support. 12thnight can’t continue without it.

Meanwhile, we’ll see each other, more and more in person, in the theatre; we’re ready for excitement.   

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