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Hello theatre friends!

Did we just imagine the last two years? Suddenly, magically, it’s the opening day of the Fringe. Edmonton’s mighty summer theatre festival, the oldest on the continent, is back — not epic in size but BIG. 

 And with it, the unmistakeable sign that the live theatre experience, with live audiences, in person — hey, a concept with legs! — is happening. It’s the right moment to thank you, dear readers of, for your support and encouragement, for sticking with me through a time of devastation, the toughest of challenges for the performing arts. It’s been inspiring to see the ingenuity and persistence our valiant theatre artists in this exciting theatre town have brought to meeting them. And it’s been my joy and privilege to write about it.

Covering theatre, independently, outside the vagaries of the mainstream media, is what is for. I hope you’ve been enjoying the content which has been, so far, free. And I’m hoping that you’ll be up for chipping in a monthly amount to my Patreon campaign to enable coverage of Edmonton exciting theatre scene to continue. That support from readers is, solely, what makes it possible. Here’s the link ( Spread the word. 

If you’re already signed on as a patron, I’m so grateful. 12thnight can’t continue without it. 

Meanwhile, we’re off to the Fringe, in the place where that name became a verb. We’ll see each other, in person, in a theatre soon. 

gratefully, Liz 

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