A last weekend at the Fringe: how did THAT happen? See some shows!

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca

How on earth did it happen? Amazingly, it’s the final weekend of Destination Fringe. So much theatre, so little time.

True, the Fringe has been unfailing creative, non-stop, about not vanishing during The Great Pause. But at the start of the 41st annual edition how could we be sure it would still be there for us, in that big jostling summer extravaganza way we’ve known? Would The People come?

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The People have come. By Friday mid-afternoon, 86,000 tickets for 164 indoor shows had been sold. And somehow, suddenly, here we are, realizing that the curtain comes down Sunday night in 27 venues. Which means there’s still time to set forth and see some shows. 

For your last weekend of fringing, have a look at 12thnight.ca reviews (they’re all grouped under Fringe 2022). And have a peek at reviews of shows I enjoyed last Fringe (The Disney Delusion for one). Or plays like Even Gilchrist’s high-spirited, funny and poignant Re:Construct, which premiered earlier this very season. 

Buy yourself a green onion cake and let the  Fringe grapevine wrap itself around you; listen to the buzz. Hit the Late Night Cabaret, a showcase for Fringe artists letting their hair (farther) down. Or Die-Nasty, a serial improvised soap set at the Fringe. Or Gordon’s Big Bald Head: The Sincerest Form of Burglary, a trio of virtuosos who will improvise any Fringe show, picked at random from the program, based on the title and the show description.

Or just experiment, take a risk! See what you find. After all, there are shows for every taste, and tastes you didn’t even know you had. Hell, if you just can’t make the first move, give yourself over to the Fringe Randomizer to pick one for you, fringetheatre.ca/festival/randomizer. Geez, here’s irony. I gave it a whirl and it just picked Performance Review for me. 

No matter what, see a show, see several, see many this weekend. Get your mind blown. That’s what the Fringe is for. 

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