Fun in roommate hell: Terms and Conditions, a guest 12thnight Fringe review by Todd Babiak

Cynthia Price and Taylor Cassis in Terms and Conditions. Photo supplied.

Terms & Conditions (Stage 18, Sugar Swing Ballroom — Main Floor)

It is terribly awkward to move in with a stranger. They don’t have the same taste in music, the same interest in cleaning, the same attitude toward houseplants. We want to be polite. We want to share. But conflict is inevitable.

Good humour certainly helps settle things. And as we see in Terms & Conditions, by Bossy Flyer from Long Beach, California, so do acrobatic skills and a love for absurdity.

Cynthia Price and Taylor Casas don’t talk much, as they negotiate a small space together, but they aren’t shy about lifting, spinning, flopping and flying about. Why do they partake in duo acrobatics instead of shouting at one another? Why, when one of the roommates sustains a concussion, does the other one partake in a lip-synch performance? It doesn’t really matter, because it’s fun to watch. This isn’t Bertolt Brecht.

Price and Casas are at their best when the living arrangements degrade to bicep-kissing, face-spitting, circus-stunting total war.

Todd Babiak


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