God is back: An All New God Is A Scottish Drag Queen, a 12thnight guest Fringe review by Todd Babiak

Mike Delamont in An All New God Is A Scottish Drag Queen. Photo supplied.

An All New God is a Scottish Drag Queen (Stage 22, Garneau Theatre)

“I don’t know if you’ve heard the news,” says God, a portly Scottish man in an 80s skirt and blazer combo, “but people don’t give a shit what old, bearded white people say.”

A full cinema on a late night in Edmonton is proof that people are rather keen for an alternative perspective on British history, the Bible, and the origin of the armadillo. Mike Delamont, the Victoria comedian who has made an industry out of God is a Scottish Drag Queen — this is part five — is less lordly in this instalment but just as sweaty and just as funny.

At times God forgets He is God, which is only natural. There’s an understandable reticence in being the architect of humanity, and therefore sexism, an unfortunate forest fire season, the absurdities of the plastics industry, and Donald Trump. But at times in this latest incarnation, it feels like Delamont falls out of character and becomes a regular — if unusually successful — stand-up comedian.

— Todd Babiak



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