Fun at the apocalypse, and a Fringe discovery for reviewer Todd Babiak! Today, For Now, a review

Today, For Now, Random Samples Collective. Photo supplied.

Today, For Now (Stage 7, Yardbird Suite)

We are haunted by a prospect of a huge asteroid hitting the earth and killing everyone. Why? Maybe the dinosaurs. Maybe because we are sickos.

Writers and directors have addressed themselves to the prospect of the great collision several times, with the seriousness that apocalypse demands. Today, For Now is an altogether different take on the fiery end of the world: absurd and funny.

Jeff Leard and Valerie Cotic, a couple of Vancouver actors, play the beleaguered hosts of a nightly news show, Today, For Now. They also play a variety of people who are planning to die in more private ways: lonely women with bottles of looted wine, politicians, children, and murderous suburbanites.

At times it feels like a sketch comedy show masquerading as a play but Today, For Now is so clever and Leard and Cotic are so lively and committed that it hardly matters.

Todd Babiak


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