Rex is on a roll: Get fringing before the curtain comes down Sunday night

By Liz Nicholls,

If you’ve squeezed your butt into the very last seat in a Fringe theatre this past week (as I have, nearly every show), you’ll have a sense that Rex is on a roll.

And your sense is on the money. The final tally awaits since the curtain doesn’t come down in the Fringe’s 39 venues till Sunday night, but hear this: Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex goes into his last weekend of rampaging through Strathcona (and beyond) with box office revenue up 14 per cent from 2017 ($1.2 million worth of tickets going directly back to the artists) and site visits, even in the smoke, up 16 per cent — so far, with more to come. Smoke Shmoke!

For your last weekend of fringe bingeing, have a look at our reviews on (all grouped under Fringe 2018) by me, Todd Babiak, and Alan Kellogg. Listen to the buzz coming off the grapevine. Or do what artists do when they put on a Fringe show: take a chance! If you’re paralyzed by the wealth of choices, in an array of 227 shows, get the Fringe’s Randomizer ( to choose for you. (It just picked Burlesque Dueling Divas: Wild Women for me). But whatever you do, see a show. Or two. Or more. Moderation is no virtue at Fringe time. 

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