It’s back! The 12thnight holiday theatre quiz

Vanessa Sabourin and Belinda Cornish in Fallen Angels, Bright Young Things. Photo by Mat Busby.

On the brink of a new year, hoist a glass to our unstoppable theatre artists, check out our 12thnight review of 2018 theatre highlights, and take our annual holiday theatre quiz.

By Liz Nicholls,

  1. Which of the following productions seen in Edmonton this year was based on a verse novel, written in a dauntingly intricate rhyme scheme?

(a) Soiled Doves

(b) Onegin

(c) Children of God

(d) Skirts On Fire

2. The title of Collin Doyle’s Terry and the Dog, which premiered in an Edmonton Actors Theatre production in 2018, is an allusion to a play by…

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(a) Arthur Miller

(b) Martin McDonagh

(c) John Patrick Shanley

(d) Edward Albee

(e) Tennessee Williams

3. In which production of 2018 did Hudson’s Bay blankets and plaid scarves (and bathrobes) figure prominently in the design?

(a) Oh! Christmas Tree

(b) Twelfth Night

(c) Pretty Goblins

(d) A Christmas Carol

(e) Slumberland Motel

4. In which production of 2018 did clocks of every size and shape figure prominently in the design? 

(a) Origin of the Species

(b) What A Young Wife Ought To Know

(c) Miss Bennet: Christmas At Pemberley

(d) Infinity

5. In what play of 2018 did a celebrated literary recluse, à la J.D. Salinger, figure prominently?

(a) The Finest of Strangers

(b) Going to St. Ives

(c) The Listening Room

(d) Skirts on Fire

(e) Old Stock

6. Which of the following playwrights had (at least) two productions on Edmonton stages in 2018?

(a) Collin Doyle

(b) Elena Belyea

(c) Hannah Moscovitch

(d) Stewart Lemoine

(e) Conni Massing

7. In which production of 2018 did a saint show off his own decapitated head?

(a) Matara

(b) The Importance of Being Earnest

(c) Children of God

(d) All Shook Up

(e) Do This In Memory Of Me

8. Which of the following characters did Julien Arnold not play in 2018?

(a) a priest

(b) a songwriter with writer’s block

(c) a miser

(d) an aspirational cross-dresser

(e) a First World War major

9. Which of the following is NOT the name of an Edmonton indie theatre…?

(a) Dammitammy Productions

(b) Theatre of the New Heart

(c) Heartstopper Theatre

(d) Cardiac Theatre

(e) Bumble Bear Productions

10. Which of the following was the mascot of the 2018 Edmonton Fringe?

(a) a dinosaur

(b) a B-movie monster

(c) a harlequin

(d) a dancing bear

(e) a demented acrobat

11. Which of the following theatre companies produced shows this year with “Blood” in the title?

(a) The Maggie Tree

(b) Mayfield Dinner Theatre

(c) Wild Side Productions

(d) Workshop West Playwrights Theatre

(e) Pyretic Productions

12. This year’s SkirtsAfire feature production, The Romeo Initiative, was set in what city?

(a) London

(b) Verona

(c) Vienna

(d) Bonn

(e) Toronto

13. In which production, seen on an E-town stage in 2018, did the following lines occur: 

(a) “ignorance is a delicate exotic fruit. Touch it and the bloom is gone.”

(b) “we’ve done it all before, now we’re back to get some more….”

(c) “what do you call an Indian on a bike?”

(d) “the minute I saw the grenade belt I knew something was wrong”

(e) “turn left, genuflect, put the bells down quietly.”

(f) “we’re ordered to enjoy the show whether we like it or not.” 

(g) “this morning I was working in a diner. Now I’m serving champagne to high society.”

(h) “There has to be more to life than reading and sewing….”

(i) “time is a fake.”

(j) “is it presumptuous of me to expect a third resurrection?”

(k) “we shall go down like ninepins.” 

(l) “Who knows what I mean when I say the word ‘gunman’?”

(m) “If God had intended man to fly, he wouldn’t have made him so squishy.”

14. In Sheldon Elter’s Métis Mutt, which returned to Theatre Network this year in a new production, the protagonist sings a number from what musical?

(a) My Fair Lady

(b) Marry Me A Little

(c) Company

(d) She Loves Me

(e) Oklahoma

15. Name the playwright:

(a) Pretty Goblins

(b) Blood of Our Soil

(c) Betroffenheit

(d) Poison

(e) The Humans

(f) Do This In Memory Of Me

(g) The Silver Arrow: The Untold Story of Robin Hood

16. Which production this year was set in an air hangar?

(a) The Comedy of Errors

(b) The Comedy Company

(c) The Humans

(d) The Silver Arrow

(e) Dead Centre of Town XI

17.. What is the Randomizer?

(a) an Orc-like figure in Die-Nasty’s Lord of Thrones

(b) the lottery in Fly Me To The Moon

(c) Rapid Fire Theatre’s method of picking Theatresports teams 

(d) a method of choosing Fringe shows

(e) an audience interaction technique often used in cabaret performances

18. In Broken Tailbone, the Carmen Aguirre creation seen at the 2018 Canoe Festival, the audience learned to …

(a) dance 

(b) pronounce and use the Cree word for “love”

(c) sing a traditional Canadian ballad

(d) pray for peace

(e) use headphones 

19. Which of the following festivals are NOT part of the annual Chinook Series in February?

(a) Sound Off

(b) Deep Freeze

(c) Canoe

(d) Fringe

(e) Expanse

20. The family dinner is a classic site of tension and conflict in theatre, especially when there’s an outsider in the mix. Which of the following productions of 2018 prominently featured a dinner scene?

(a) Cleave

(b) The Finest of Strangers

(c) Hamlet

(d) Once

(e) The Humans

21. Match the designer and the show

Designers: Cory Sincennes, Jim Guedo, Daniel Van Heyst, Drew Facey, Ian Jackson, Megan Koshka, Trevor Schmidt, Chantel Fortin, T. Erin Gruber

Shows: The Silver Arrow: The Untold Story of Robin Hood, Infinity, Slut, Mamma Mia!, Outside Mullingar, Pretty Goblins, Matara, The Finest of Strangers, Poison

22. In Matthew MacKenzie’s Bears, which returned to Edmonton in 2018 in a new production, the protagonist is chased by…

(a) Mafioso “grizzlies”

(b) creditors

(c) an infuriated zookeeper

(d) environmentalists

(e) oil company reps

23. In which production did the following props appear, and figure prominently…?

(a) Japanese bladed fans

(b) a jukebox

(c) a light-up sign

(d) cucumber sandwiches

(e) a six-pack of Pilsner

(f) beaver sock puppets

24. Match the director and the production:

Directors: Harley Morison, Amiel Gladstone, Jackie Maxwell, Dave Horak, Marianne Copithorne, Daryl Cloran, Sean Harris Oliver, Ashlie Corcoran

Productions: Hamlet, The Humans, Redpatch, The Listening Room, The Silver Arrow: The Untold Story of Robin Hood, Mamma Mia!, Onegin, Terry and the Dog

25. Name the production of 2018 that featured the following principal characters:

(a) an eye surgeon

(b) the editor of a ladies’ magazine

(c) an accountant

(d) a detective

(e) a Canadian investigative TV reporter

(f) The Wanderer

(g) an Irish street musician

(h) a French bulldog 

26. Which of the following productions did not involve siblings as a major plot component? 

(a) Pretty Goblins

(b) Undercover

(c) Blood: A Scientific Experiment

(d) Fallen Angels

(e) The Comedy of Errors

27. The characters in Shakespeare’s R&J are…

(a) drag queens

(b) seniors in a retirement home

(c) classically trained dancers

(d) Catholic school boys

(e) disaffected technicians at Stratford

It’s the second anniversary of! Happy new year, and here’s to grand theatrical adventures in 2019.

The answers: No peeking first.

1 (b); 2 (d); 3 (b); 4 (a); 5 (d); 6 (a,b,c,d,e); 7 (e); 8 (d); 9 (c); 10 (a); 11 (a, e); 12 (d); 13 (a) The Importance Of Being Earnest; (b) Mamma Mia!; (c) Métis Mutt; (d) Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown; (e) Do This In Memory Of Me; (f) The Comedy Company; (g) Skirts On Fire; (h) The Silver Arrow: The Untold Story of Robin Hood; (i) Infinity; (j) Terry and the Dog; (k) Fallen Angels; (l) Miss Katelyn’s Grade Threes Prepare For The Inevitable; (m) Dead Centre Of Town XI. 14 (b); 15 (a) Beth Graham; (b) Lianna Makuch; (c) Jonathon Young; (d) Lot Vekemans; (e) Stephen Karam; (f) Cat Walsh; (g) Mieko Ouchi. 16 (e); 17 (d); 18 (a); 19 (b); 20 (a, d, e); 21 Corey Sincennes and Mamma Mia!, Jim Guedo and Poison, Daniel Van Heyst and Outside Mullingar, Drew Facey and The Silver Arrow: The Untold Story Of Robin Hood, Ian Jackson and Infinity, Megan Koshka and Pretty Goblins, Trevor Schmidt and Slut, Chantel Fortin and The Finest of Strangers, T. Erin Gruber and Matara. 22 (e); 23 (a) The Silver Arrow, (b) All Shook Up, (c) Slut, (d) The Importance of Being Earnest, (e) Terry and the Dog, (f) Miss Katelyn’s Grade Threes Prepare For The Inevitable. 24 Harley Morison and The Listening Room, Amiel Gladstone and Onegin, Jackie Maxwell and The Humans, Dave Horak and Terry and the Dog, Marianne Copithorne and Hamlet, Daryl Cloran and The Silver Arrow, Sean Harris Oliver and Redpatch, Ashlie Corcoran and Mamma Mia!. 25 (a) Going To St. Ives, (b) Skirts on Fire, (c) Slut, (d) Undercover, (e) The Finest of Strangers, (f) Old Stock, (g) Once, (h) Jezebel, At The Still Point. 26. (b, d); 27 (d).

23 or more right? Bravo! Standing O! You love your entertainment live. Less than 6? You need to get out more; you are missing out on Edmonton’s greatest creative industry and asset.


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