Best in the biz: Ron & Wayne, a guest 12thnight Fringe review by Alan Kellogg

Ron & Wayne

Venue 2 (Big Rock Backstage Theatre)

By Alan Kellogg

Many yuks, hoots etc. here from two absolute masters of improv comedy with impeccable credentials, Ron Pederson and Wayne Jones.

In classic fashion, they ask for a patron to come onstage and answer a few questions before dispatching them back to their seat and then proceed to instantly create a half-hour bit from a few basic details. On my afternoon, Abby, a 12-year-old aspiring actor visiting from Port Hope, Ont. was the willing victim.

Pre-teens can create some potential rubs for even the best of this realm, since the proceedings of thus normally raunchy medium necessarily have to be toned down (somewhat!) given the young subject.

But then Pederson and Jones are among the best in this field. They expertly delivered an hilarious fable, working in Abby’s short best friend Samantha, the balloon giraffe she was holding, the white sands of Port Hope, deep, comic Edmontonia from homeboy Ron and Abby’s relatives in the theatre, who were sitting at another table for some reason. And although the language etc. was indeed cleaned up a bit it, in no way was the performance dumbed-down, which speaks to the chops onstage. They also can and did do some physical comedy that rocked the nearly-full Backstage Theatre, a very agreeable venue for this act.

Money-back guarantee on a Fringe show from a couple of pros: It’ll brighten your spirits.

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