The fun of real live theatre (socially distanced, of course): Chamber Obscura at the Found Festival

Nicole St. Martin, Michael Bradley and son Luke in Chamber Obscura, Found Festival 2020. Photo supplied.

By Liz Nicholls,

Special occasion: tonight was the night I got to see real live people in real live theatre. It felt so … radical. So cool. So Zoom-defiant.

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The play is Chamber Obscura, a 15-minute gothic folk thriller, with Depression era musical trimmings, delicious and eerie as performed by a theatre family trio: Nicole St. Martin, Michael Bradley and their 10-year-old son Luc.

Chamber Obscura, Found Festival 2020.

We drove into a Strathcona alley, up to the front of a dark tent; we watched through the windshield of our car and heard the three multi-talented performers through the car radio. “Brother can you spare a dime?” meets Gymnopédies. Ingenious and fun — and proof, if you needed it, that theatre artists may be daunted by these socially distanced, isolating times, but they will not be defeated.

Chamber Obscura runs evenings through Sunday, on the half hour, as part of Common Ground Art Society’s ninth annual Found Festival. And since there’s only one ticket to be sold for every performance — one car, one Covid pod — you need a reservation, on the Found Fest website. 

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