Impossible? EDMONten, a showcase of full-length 10-minute plays

Playwright Marina Mair Sanchez, whose play Rooftop Murmurs is part of EDMONten. Photo supplied.

By Liz Nicholls,

If we didn’t know it before, we do now, after six months of theatre trying hard and being ingenious on screen, size isn’t everything. (And as for duration, haven’t you asked yourself what’s happened to your attention span?).

Brevity is an achievement; it’s like simplicity that way, a lot harder than it looks. And EDMONten! is the showcase to prove it. An entire full-length play in ten minutes? With a beginning, a middle, and an end? How can it be possible? 

Playwright Amanda Samuelson.

After a half-year delay, EDMONten!, a showcase of original un-produced ten-minute plays originally slated for March, is opening this week. The actors and playwrights are live (and socially distanced) at the Grindstone Theatre. You the audience are at home and online.

When they put out the call for blind submissions, The Short & Suite Collective — two playwrights (Connie Massing and Michele Vance Hehir) and a dramaturg (Tracy Carroll) — were blitzed by the submissions. Six got chosen, and as it turns out they were penned by a mix of veterans and emerging artists: Gate D98 by Amanda Samuelson, Fledglings by Beth Graham, What/For by Evelyn Rollans, All The Way To Pluto by Liam Salmon, Rooftop Murmurs by Marina Mair Sanchez, and Rumspringa by Nicole Moeller. Honourable mention: The Disney Afternoon by Mark Stubbings.

playwright Evelyn Rollans

Each playwright gets $250 plus two staged readings of their play by the actor ensemble: Isaac Andrew, Linda Grass, Jameela McNeil and Paul Morgan Donald. The performance run Friday (7:30 p.m.) and Saturday (1:30 p.m.).

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The $10 tickets for EDMONten! are available at the online Grindstone box office. 

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