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Celebrating an Edmonton theatre season like no other: the Sterling Awards (online), led by The Color Purple and Titus Bouffonius

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca Edmonton theatre took its annual awards gala onto the digital stage Monday night for the first time ever, to celebrate a theatre season like no other. And a musical that chronicles the empowering four-decade journey of … Continue reading

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The strangest of seasons: a truncated year on Edmonton stages in Sterling Award nominations

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca Two high-contrast shows, one a subterranean prairie slow-burn tragedy and the other a riotous blood-spattered revenge comedy of the Shakespearean persuasion, proved the top choices of jurors as the 33rd annual Sterling Award nominations were announced … Continue reading

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The year in Edmonton theatre: looking back on 2019

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca Social media, video games, pop culture, the 2-D screen world … “all worthless, and we don’t even watch the same worthless things together,” rages Vanya, letting loose an elegiac full-blooded rant on the modern devaluation of … Continue reading

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Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play: A wild ride through the evolution of pop culture. A review

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca The End. So. What then? There’s something indestructible, maybe even sustaining, about the collective act of storytelling. Something viral, in the bloodstream, possibly toxic and radioactive, that can outlast apocalypses. When society shatters completely and we’re … Continue reading

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The world is ending, so what about Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa …? Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play is on it. A preview

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca So a director and an a choreographer go into a Strathcona bar to discuss the apocalypse and The Simpsons.… It happened last week.  Whoa, the end of the world? Now what do we do? “We’re obsessed … Continue reading

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It’s show time in Edmonton theatre: what to not miss this season on E-town stages

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca “That was what had been missing from his life all these years. His career, his city, this bonehead province. Mythic Power.” — The Garneau Block. In Todd Babiak’s wry and funny novel The Garneau Block, reborn … Continue reading

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Flying too near the sun: Scorch. A Fringe review

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca Scorch (Stage 28, The Playhouse) This absorbing, moving little solo play, by the Irish writer Stacey Gregg, was inspired by a real U.K. court case in which a teenager was found guilty of “gender fraud” for … Continue reading

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Fringe review: The Small Things

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca The Small Things (Stage 37, Suzanne Thibadeau Auditorium) An old man and an old woman, the two old characters in this chilly 2005 play by the Irish playwright Enda Walsh, sit separately onstage, lost in their … Continue reading

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Fringe review: Legoland

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca Legoland (Stage 36, L’UniThéâtre) In this oddball, highly entertaining comedy by Victoria’s Jacob Richmond  — which predates another oddball, highly entertaining Richmond, Ride The Cyclone — we meet the Lambs, two precocious home-schooled siblings from the … Continue reading

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Fringe review: The Superhero Who Loved Me

By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca The Superhero Who Loved Me (Stage 28, The Playhouse) “Nobody expects an extra-dimensional portal to open in the world.” Generally true. And nobody expects to go home with a superhero, drink too much vino, and hear … Continue reading

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